Kill All The Lawyers

‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.’

Thus Dick the Butcher in Henry VI.  Meant as a bit of comic relief, I always smile too much at the line.  It’s funny, and, well a dark part of me half thinks it’s an excellent idea.  Kill all the lawyers.  What better way to a happier world, a world without an entire class of money-grubbing fiends getting in between us and our happiness?  It’s a line and a thought that can get stuck in your mind whenever you read the news.  Perhaps you too are following the recent outrages associated with MP’s expenses in the UK.  (Expense claims in detail.)

Probably everyone thought that the government had more than a fair share of autoerotic asphyxiating perverts in it, but maybe no one realized that they were almost all so disgraceful.  The upshot is something like all the lawyers getting whacked at once.  The worst are standing down now, and we are preparing to boot out the rest, swapping generations of MPs with people deliberately chosen for their moral fibre.  We are going to be run by a bunch of innocents.  I’m not sure what’s worse.

It’s easy to complain about politicians — particularly when they do things like claim for porn on their expense accounts.  But is there a sense in which we need self-interested, morally suspect creatures to look after us, particularly in a world populated by states run by equally nasty people?  Are we so bad, so ungovernable, that replacing these self-serving goofs with a gaggle of wide-eyed independents will turn out to be the wrong thing to do?

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