A few updates

I feel a bit bad for having blogged so little here for quite some time, but the others are doing a grand job, so I don’t think readers are missing out. However, I thought I would update you on some of the things that have kept me away, part as excuse and part as unashamed advertising.
First up, I’ve got a new book out on the use of rhetoric and bad arguments. It’s available on Amazon UK now and will be published in the US by Plume next year. There was a very nice review of it in the FT. Butterflies and Wheels readers will recognise that the book grew out of a series I wrote for them a few years back.
I’ve also made a programme for BBC Radio Four, which despite the title, isn’t really about philosophy. You can listen to it here until this Saturday. It was one of the choices in Sunday’s Pick of the Week.
Apart from that. I’ve been busy with the usual mix of journalism, talks and events, and bits of radio, as well as, of course, editing tpm.
So my neglect of Talking Philosophy really isn’t a matter of being lazy or not caring!

  1. I heard you on R4. That bit about the sound of a modem belonging to the past? I’m still on gerbil-powered dialup…

    Does that mean that my PC is of historical significance?

  2. It’s a shame your book on rhetoric and bad arguments won’t be published in the States now, before the election. 🙂

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