Starbucks Bows to Philosophical Pressure!

Well, OK.  Not really.  But Starbucks say they will use only Fairtrade coffee in all coffee drinks sold in the UK.  That’s a large and welcome change from previously using only 6% or so Fairtrade beans.  Read all about it.  I may, just may, permit myself a latte when the deal goes through.

Previous posts on the subject include a discussion of turkey welfare whores, a correspondence with Starbucks and a final conclusion.

  1. James,

    This is something of a coup for you, isn’t it? Would this have happened but for your probing equiries? I had no idea that Starbucks fair trade commitment was so low before you wrote your discussion pieces for Talking Philosophy. Good for you.

  2. James, Cool. I wonder if your posts got some attention from the higher-ups! In any event…it’s intriguing that Starbucks sees Fairtrade as a way to to compete with other coffee shops. I hope they’re right about that.

  3. I think we’re just a drop in the ocean — there’s been a lot of pressure on Starbucks from many quarters to take this kind of action. And, as I think we saw with Ethiopia and dipper wells and such, Starbucks will do something when everyone starts jumping up and down about it. I do think this is an instance in which the moral world has effects on the economic world, which again has moral effects. Interesting.

    Right. Who’s next?

  4. The evil empire–a little less evil « A Thinking Reed - pingback on December 6, 2008 at 10:00 pm

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