Philosophical Provocations Vol. 1

In a shameless attempt to get money so I can buy luxuries like food, I’ve assembled, edited and organized my finest posts into Philosophical Provocations Volume 1 (A Fistful of Provocations). Naturally, you can read all the originals here, for free-once again showing that philosophers are not always very good at this capitalism thing.

The United States Kindle version is my usual book price of 99 cents and the UK version is the equivalent in fish & chips.

Of course, your money is probably  much better spent on Jeremy Stangroom’s and James Garvey’s The Story of Philosophy: A History of Western Thought 




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  1. I really appreciate the 99 cent offerings by the way. I have the fallacy books, the ethics one, and will also get this one. Thanks!

  2. Whoa! The “United States Kindle version” text took me to a story on the Ryan budget at Huffinton post. you got to fix that for me to buy it! 😆

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