For Better or Worse Reasoning

My tenth Kindle book is out, For Better or Worse Reasoning: A Philosophical Look at Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage.

It is the usual 99 cents in the US and the equivalent in dead parrot jokes in the UK. It is also available on all the Amazons(aside from the river and the women), but I am too lazy to copy-paste them all in.

As a special bonus for readers of this blog, you can get it for free from May 14 to May 18, 2012 (US dates).

This concise work is aimed at presenting a logical assessment of the stock arguments against same-sex marriage. While my position is in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, I have made every effort to present a fair and rational assessment of the stock arguments against it.

The work itself is divided into distinct sections. The first section provides some background material regarding arguments. The second section focuses on the common fallacious arguments used to argue against same-sex marriage. The third section examines standard moral arguments against same-sex marriage and this is followed by a brief look at the procreation argument. The work closes, appropriately enough, with a few modest proposals regarding marriage.


  • Arguments
  • “Argument” Defined
  • Varieties
  • General Assessment of Arguments
  • Fallacies
  • Stock Fallacious Arguments against Same-sex Marriage
  • Appeal to Tradition
  • Appeal to Belief
  • Appeal to Common Practice
  • Slippery Slope
  • Weak Analogy
  • Non-Fallacious Arguments
  • Intuitions & Definitions
  • Appeal to Intuition
  • Argument by Definition
  • The Religious Arguments
  • The Moral Arguments
  • Homosexuals are Immoral Argument
  • The Unnatural Argument/The Natural Argument
  • Appeal to Consequences
  • The Sanctity Argument
  • The Procreation Argument
  • Marriage: A Few Modest Proposals
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  1. I just downloaded your small book for free. Thanks a lot!
    It’s essential reading for anybody participating in the political debate on same-sex marriage.

  2. Myron,

    You are welcome-I hope you find it useful. It is free all week via Amazon. As a runner friend of mine said, “it’s worth every penny.”

  3. Just catching up on my talkingphilosophy reading — congratulations!

  4. I wonder if anyone believes same-sex marriage is illegal. In order for that to be true, people would be arrested, tried and fined or imprisoned for such conduct. No. Same-sex marriage isn’t illegal. That’s not the issue. The issue is government-recognized, government-sanctioned same-sex marriage. The next question is whether or not this particular relationship is a right. I think you’d agree that rights aren’t granted by the government. They’re protected by the better governments and whether or not they’re protected by the government does nothing to invalidate them. So, is same-sex marriage a right? Perhaps it is. But make no mistake. If that particular relationship is a right, government endorsement doesn’t make it a reality. Notice that same-sex marriage isn’t illegal in the punitive sense. Same-sex couples are already allowed to enter into committed relationships (call that marriage if you want to) with each other without government arresting them. So the right to have the relationship is available to them. If you want to argue that same-sex couples don’t have government-recognized, government-sanctioned relationships, you need to drop the illegal remarks in your book.

  5. Rob,

    There is no criminal punishment for it, but it is banned by law in some states. So, it is illegal but not criminal.

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