First Philosophy Shooter: Cartesian Apocalypse

The year is 2056. The majority of the world’s population has been deceived and enslaved by the virtual reality of the Evil Genius.  Only the mysterious Cartesian Circle has the will and the means to oppose the Evil Genius. Using advanced technology and theology, they resurrect the one man to ever face off against the Evil Genius: Rene Descartes.

In FPS: Cartesian Apocalypse you take on the role of Rene Descartes. Guided by the Panopticon, you use the power of philosophy (and lots of guns) to battle the tyranny of the Evil Genius. Your mundane arsenal is augmented by powers drawn from the great philosophers of history: the Socratic Method, the Platonic Form, the Inverted Spectrum, the Chinese Box, the Second Sex, Mad Pain & Martian Pain, the Will to Power, the Categorical Imperative, and more. Do you know how to save the world?




“Step over Diablo, there is a new Evil Genius in town!”
-A. Blizzard

“This game reminds me that the French once did real philosophy.”
-V. Quine

“It is imperative that you play this game.”
-I. Kant

“FPS maximizes utility. And destruction. Five stars.”
-J. Mill

“It is nothing, but what kick-ass nothing it is being.”
-J. Sartre

“F@ck Yeah!”

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  1. This game feels like family to me.

    L. Wittgenstein

  2. i think therefore i slam.

    rene descartes

  3. Good Game. But why Xbox? Is that Xbox exclusive? No port to PC? :mrgreen:

  4. It will port to all systems including Monads. 🙂

  5. “the I posits itself”; more specifically, “the I posits itself as a crosshair.” “think the crosshair, and observe what is involved in doing this.”

    J Fichte

  6. “It might seem like we are crazy, but we are just doing philosophy.” -Wittgenstein, On Certainty.

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