It’s 50 years this year since the publication of one of the biggest-selling philosophy books of all time, and in my opinion one of the major works of philosophy of the last century, Kuhn’s STRUCTURE.
(It’s also btw the 90th anniversary of Kuhn’s birth, this year.)
I went on Radio 3’s NIGHT WAVES to discuss STRUCTURE at 50, recently. Have a listen again here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01kkp42 (16 minutes in).
There are all sorts of books and conferences coming out / happening to celebrate the anniversary.
One of my contributions is this [see link below] much smaller offering: a review of an interesting recent book on Kuhn’s philosophy, which argues (I don’t really agree, as you’ll see) that Kuhn’s post-STRUCTURE writings are much better. The review will be appearing in the BJPS. If you are interested in Kuhn, you might be interested in this. The link here goes to the ‘full-length’ version. The version that will appear in BJPS will be much shorter, and further-edited.
So: suggestions of changes welcome!
Here it is: http://rupertread.fastmail.co.uk/Critical%20notice%20of%20Wray%20on%20Kuhn.doc [NB This link downloads a copy of the file onto your machine.]
This review btw is co-authored by me and Jessica Woolley, a student of mine. So she gets at least half the credit for this. (But not, please, half the blame, if any! 😉

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