Monty Hall Puzzle

This is an online version of the Monty Hall Puzzle that I’ve put together.

I’d be very grateful if people would be willing to give it a test run. It’s finished in the sense that it should work properly, but I haven’t completed all the stuff around it – basically, the Philosophy Experiments site isn’t up and running yet.

It’s a relatively complex piece of programming (it’s using AJAX technology), so it’s possible – quite likely even – that there are glitches. If anybody notices anything, it’d be really useful if you could let me know (especially if it falls over completely!)

There’s one thing worth looking out for. At one point it does stuff all by itself. That’s pretty unusual for a web based thing. Is it too disorienting (i.e., does it need more warning, flagging up, etc)?

The Monty Hall Puzzle itself is pretty cool (especially if you haven’t seen it before).

Thanks guys!

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