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Who said this? To whom? Redux, redux.

Since it’s Christmas, here’s a little quiz. Which philosopher is responsible for the following, and to whom was he or she writing? No Googling, and marks will only be awarded if you offer an explanation for your guess… deduction.

I prefer this situation to that even of your delicious villa… One is not alone so frequently in the country as one could wish: a number of impertinent visitors are continually besieging you. Here, as all the world, except myself, is occupied in commerce, it depends merely on myself to live unknown to the world. I walk every day amongst immense ranks of people, with as much tranquility as you do in your green alleys. The men I meet with make the same impression on my mind as would the trees of your forests, or the flocks of sheep grazing on your common. The busy hum too of these merchants does not disturb one more than the purling of your brooks. If sometimes I amuse myself in contemplating their anxious motions, I receive the same pleasure which you do in observing those men who cultivate your land; for I reflect that the end of all their labours is to embellish the city which I inhabit, and to anticipate my wants.

Remember, no cheating. And the decision of the judge – that’s me – is final. Your prize for winning will be to have your name up in lights on Twitter. Now, who could resist such an inducement, right…?